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We are Automotive Powered by Data Customer Lifecycle Marketing Innovation Commitment to Culture Consultativ Selling Approach

Consultative Selling Approach

With a strong foundation in auto experience and data expertise, GS Marketing can build the best strategy for your dealership’s marketing. We will listen to your business challenges, discuss potential solutions using our lifecycle marketing approach and solve for results.

Customer Lifecycle Marketing

At GS Marketing, a typical marketing strategy starts at awareness, incorporates acquisition and retention and ends with re-purchase. We use customer-centric, multichannel solutions that span digital, traditional and mobile channels to reach your customers and drive results.

Powered by data

Intelligence through data means the right message at the right time. GS Marketing combines access to multiple data sources with a deep understanding of auto business challenges and customers to get results.

We are automotive.

GS Marketing offers a full spectrum of automotive marketing solutions at the National, Regional and Dealer level based on over 27 years of experience reaching the automotive customer.

Investment and Innovation

GS Marketing has made a long-term commitment to investment and growth beginning in 2015 with the expansion of our technology and data teams and with the acquisition of Traffic Builders, a results-driven marketing and technology company. Stay-tuned to see more exciting innovations from GSM!

Commitment to Culture

We are firm believers that our success and our clients’ success start with our people. We are committed to a culture rooted in values, collaboration and customer service. At GS Marketing, we love what we do and treat our clients like family.


GS Marketing Wins at Crystal Awards for Email Campaign Excellence

GS Marketing took top honors in the Online Media/Email Campaign category at the 2016 Crystal Awards, recognizing excellence for their work marketing the Toyota Tundra August Clearance Event.

Shelley Washburn Honored as One of the Top Twenty Women in Business

GS Marketing’s President, Shelley Washburn, was appointed one of the Top Twenty Women in Business by Texas’s National Diversity Council-Gulf Coast Region on October 13, 2015.

GS Marketing introduces the all new atomDirect

atomDirect is a communications program that works as the perfect complement to your atomEssentials, atomCore or atomPremium program to ensure you are reaching each customer at the right time, in the right way and with the right message.

GS Marketing Acquires Traffic Builders

GSM gains a new print and digital marketing technology platform to strengthen its data-driven direct marketing solutions for the automotive industry and enhance its ability to meet the needs of its customers.

Our Expertise

-Automotive Marketing-

Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Produce Measurable Results
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Directed by a veteran marketing team, GS Marketing stands at the forefront of direct marketing communications. Our fully integrated services include:

  • Strategic consulting and creative development
  • Data analytics, segmentation and predictive modeling
  • Customer lifecycle expertise, reach from awareness, to retention, to re-purchase
  • Advanced digital print and direct mail programs
  • Multi-channel communication solutions including digital advertising, email and voice

We’re your single resource for high-impact lead generation campaigns, one-to-one communications as well as loyalty and retention programs that deliver results.

Driving Results with Data

Create Engaging Value
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In today’s automotive marketplace, winning competitively requires gaining greater knowledge of your customers’ buying lifecycle. In addition, understanding your customers’ preferences and motives is important and being able to act on that knowledge is crucial. GS Marketing helps dealerships do just that with data driven customer communications.

Having the right data is critical in an increasingly sophisticated and segmented automotive marketplace. Our advanced, marketing database serves as the foundation for reaching the right customers at the right time, in the right way and with the right message. Our automotive data expertise enables effective prospecting and long-term relationship building.

Omnichannel Solutions

Design Specifically for Success
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It is important that you are reaching the right customers at the right time, in the right way and with the right message. Even more important, that you present a seamless message across platforms. Customers decide when and how to engage with your brand and working with one marketing partner across channels ensures that customer is receiving the right message.

GS Marketing offers omnichannel solutions:

  • Digital advertising
  • Digital, variable mail
  • Email
  • Text
  • Voice

Our Services

-We specialize in omnichannel, customer lifecycle marketing-

Retention and Loyalty Marketing

Boost ROI with relationship-building marketing

atom™ is a program focused on the foundational marketing communications to your dealership’s service customers with their preferences in mind. Including triggered and on-demand communications, atom utilizes email, mail, text and voice channels easily tailored to your dealership’s goals. Three program tiers offer dealers of all sizes the opportunity to benefit from atom’s impact to SCR, market share and more!

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Personalized Direct Marketing

Capitalize on personalized and dealerized communications

atomDirect is a direct marketing tool built on the foundation of personalization. Why personalization? Research shows that a personalized message boosts marketing ROI by 300%. atomDirect is a unique enhancement to your atomEssentials, Core or Premium program that will ensure you are reaching each of your customers with a strong, personal message through additional channels. atomDirect is not a one size fits all and includes variations of creative, data segmentation and channel to guarantee the best marketing fit for your dealership.

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Mobile Communications

Get your dealership in the palm of your customers’ hands

85% of US adults have a smart phone making mobile a key component to reaching your customers in today’s omnichannel world. ServiceLift utilizes your RO data to provide customers with accurate service history in the palm of their hand. Customers will also have access to real-time oil-club rewards program points, service coupons and sales inventory. The App expertly handles push notifications, including timely vehicle-specific communications and is fully managed by your GS Marketing team.

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Programmatic Marketing

Reaching your customers anytime, anywhere online

GS Marketing’s digital advertising platform achieves 576% average ROI per dealer by using an exclusive audience data model ensuring your display ads reach high purchase intent shoppers on the correct websites and mobile apps. GS Marketing continuously optimizes your campaigns, in real-time, using leading edge, data-driven technology to maximize conversions and ensure your budget is spent wisely.

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Product Showcase

-Driving Results-

  • Parts and Service Landing Page
    Parts and Service Landing Page
  • atom Direct Mail
    atom Direct Mail
  • Direct Mail
    Direct Mail
  • atom Letter
    atom Letter
  • Toyota Rent a Car
    Toyota Rent a Car
  • Scion Websites
    Scion Websites
  • Toyota Websites
    Toyota Websites
  • Direct Email
    Direct Email
  • Inspection Letter
    Inspection Letter
  • Scheduled Maintenance
    Scheduled Maintenance
  • Scheduled Maintenance
    Scheduled Maintenance
  • Custom Website
    Custom Website

Drive Time

-Automotive Insight-

19 Oct
3 Reasons to invest in Direct mail

To learn more about how GS Marketing can support your direct mail marketing, contact GS Marketing at 1-800-933-4767 or email us at gsmadvisor@gsmarketing.com.

21 Aug
Top Five! Digital Advertising Must-Haves in 2015

To learn more about how GS Marketing can support your direct mail marketing, contact GS Marketing at 1-800-933-4767 or email us at gsmadvisor@gsmarketing.com.

15 Jul
Direct Mail is still your road to success

To learn more about how GS Marketing can support your direct mail marketing, contact GS Marketing at 1-800-933-4767 or email us at gsmadvisor@gsmarketing.com.

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About us

-Achieving Success by Investing in Culture and Innovation-

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Who we are

A full service direct marketing and digital agency

GS Marketing, located in Houston, TX and Louisville, KY, is a full service direct marketing and digital agency specializing in the automotive industry. For over 25 years, GSM has worked with automotive professionals across the country to deliver leading edge, data-driven marketing solutions. GSM is your single resource for high-impact lead generation campaigns, one-to-one communications as well as results-driven loyalty and retention programs.

At GS Marketing you will find excitement, energy and a passion for creative intelligence, associate engagement and collaboration. When you need to out-think, out-run and out-perform your competition, there is only one place to find a complete marketing strategy: GS MARKETING!

If you are interested in working for a great company that is experiencing a growth spurt, GS Marketing is always looking for exceptional people who understand the importance of hard work, team work and treating your clients and coworkers like family. Learn more or review additional job openings: Visit our Career Center

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